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viburnum lentago.jpgviburnum shoshoni.jpg
Viburnum lentago has beautiful white flowers in spring and an attractive blue drooping berry set in fall. Viburnum p.t. ‘Shoshoni’ is a great low hedge with attractive flowers in spring and also has a nice berry set in fall.
nyssa sylvatica.jpglindera benzoin.jpg
Nyssa sylvatica is a popular tree due to its glossy leave and eye-catching fall color. Lindera benzoin is a beautiful native plant that is adaptable to most soils and is perfect for screening or foundation planting.
sparkleberry.jpgred sprite.jpg
Ilex x ‘Sparkleberry’ is an upright multi-stemmed form of winterberry with persistent red fruit. Ilex v. ‘Red Sprite’ is a compact selection getting to only about 4′ at maximum height with dark leave and also has persistent red fruit.
Ilex v. ‘Sunset’ has a spreading habit and is great for a dense hedge. Ilex v. ‘Afterglow’ has glossy leaves with large bright red fruit.