Unique trees, plus a summer weigela and hydrangea extravaganza…We’ve got something for every customer!

Just a friendly reminder that we have perennials for fall planting season. Why not fill your truck with B&B, container plants, and perennials? Get in touch with your sales rep and get that truck loaded with color and on the road.
‘Autumn Blaze’ is an improved maple hybrid cultivar that professionals prize for its rapid growth rate and impressively uniform branching habit. Also available in B&B format. ‘Limelight’ tree is a hardy and vigorous hydrangea that makes for a showy display on patios and other outdoor spaces. Great for accents and focal points, football-sized lime-green to off-white blooms come in at eye-level and stick around all summer long.
‘Spring Snow’ is a flowering, fruiting crabapple tree that reaches about 18-20 ft. upon maturity. Flowers start snow white in the spring and cover it’s entire canopy before fading to green and then yellow in the fall. Also available in B&B format.  Snow Fountains’ features naturally weeping branches covered with showy, ivory white flowers. Compact, hardy, disease and pest resistant. Also available in B&B format (early September dig). 
‘Pin Oak’ gets its name from the practice of “pinning together” the timbers of a barn with the tough, resilient branchlets of this tree. Pin Oak may reach 70 feet tall and 40 feet wide when located in the open. Also available in B&B format. ‘My Monet’ features pink spring flowers and green and white variegated foliage all season long. Dwarf plant needs no pruning. Season long color. Dwarf. Low deer browse.
‘Wine and Roses’ is having a moment this summer. Her rosy pink flowers appear in late spring and often rebloom in summer. Rich dark purple foliage all summer. Season long color. ‘Candleabra’ bursts into bloom with so many white flowers that the shrub looks as if it’s covered in snow! One of the easiest to grow flowering shrubs on the market currently. 
‘Moonrock’ Hydrangea blooms on new wood every year, so it is less susceptible to losing its flowers due to a late freeze in the spring. This vase shaped, deciduous shrub will bloom non-stop from late May until early in the fall without fail. ‘Stunner’ throws out vibrant, hot pink blooms set off by sleek, dark purple foliage. Compact yet elegant. 
‘Tuxedo’ adds elegance to a landscape or patio. It has a compact form, with a striking contrast of true-white flowers against dark foliage; totally unique. ‘Electric Love’ features shockingly vibrant red bell-flowers that cover dark foliage for a unique look and rich contrast. First dark-leaved Weigela with true-red flowers on the market!