These plants are great staples to fill the gaps in your inventory!

Hamamelis vernalis flowers in early spring and is one of the first signs of the change in season. This beauty creates a year-round addition to the landscape. Myrica pensylvanica has aromatic leaves and silver-gray berries. With its foliage turning bronze in fall it makes a great hedge plant that is hardy to zone 3.
Nyssa Sylvatica has a spectacular fall color and is a very popular native tree. Prunus snow fountain makes a beautiful centerpiece. With cascading branches and delicate white flowers in spring, it is a showstopper!
Hydrangea pan Phantom tree form is a crowd-pleaser. With large panicled flowers up to 15″ across that emerge white and change to pink, this ornamental tree provides the impact that you have been waiting for. The Red Drift® Rose displays beautiful, red flowers that bloom continuously with disease resistance and hardiness.