Hedge a Betula on these plants!

Betula n. ‘Heritage’ makes a great ornamental shade tree as well as an allée along a driveway with its year-round interest. Pinus bungeana has a beautifully exfoliating bark also. It makes an attractive focal tree or screen plants if planted in groups.
Cercis canadensis is a familiar plant to most people. The bright early spring flowers signify the coming of warmer weather. Magnolia virginiana’s fragrant June flowers contrast elegantly with its rich green leaves. Both make a great specimen flowering tree in a formal location or fit in nicely when blending maintained and natural areas. 
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At this time of year, we are busy grafting future inventory. This week we are grafting conifers like the Larix k. ‘Varied Directions’ pictured above. Our extremely talented propagators are making sure there is a great selection of material for years to come. The Larix they just grafted will be ready to sell in 6 – 10 years!

Spring 2019 inventory

It’s time to review your acknowledgements and fill in the holes in your Spring 2019 inventory. We have a great selection of desirable inventory available including Magnolias, Cornus multi-stem and EAC’s. our material is full and ready for any landscape project.

We hope to see you at one of the trade shows in the coming weeks.

Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) – January 9 – 11  
Booth: 2310 – 2312
Baltimore, MD

Indiana Green Expo – January 10-11
Booth: 517
Indianapolis, IN

Great Lakes Trade Expo – January 29 – 30
Booth: 307
Lansing, MI

iLandscape – January 30 – February 1
Booth 1811
Schaumburg, IL

Cornus Kousa Champions Gold
Magnolia X Loeb Merril

Euonymus Al Compacta
Magnolia X Loeb Ballerina