Syringa and Hydrangea make great hedges too!

  Sensation 6_.jpg  SENSATION.jpg  
Sensation, above.
Burgundy Queen, below.  
Syringa v Sensation is an upright, deciduous shrub noted for its unusual bicolor flowers. With purple petals edged in bright white and its floral aroma, it’s quite an attention grabber! Syringa v Burgundy Queen has a vibrant burgundy-purple flower that stands out in the landscape.
Myrica pensylvanica has glossy green foliage, silver-gray berries and makes a great hedge plant. Hamamelis vernalis has yellow to red flowers in spring before the leaves show. Rounded in habit, this shrub works well to create an informal barrier hedge.
HYDRANGEA PAN TARDIVA.jpgHydrangea p bloomables fire and ice 7.jpg
Hydrangea pan ‘Tardiva’ has a showy white flower that slowly turns to purplish-pink in fall. Hydrangea pan ‘Fire and Ice’ has flower clusters that open creamy white in early summer and gradually change to a deep red in fall.
Hydrangea A Annabelle 3.jpgHydrangea Lime Rickey 3.jpg
Hydrangea Arb Annabelle is a great plant that has strong upright stems topped with showy white flowers. Hydrangea arb Lime Rickey has cool, lime-green flowers that appear each summer. It makes a great cut flower, fresh or dried, and attracts pollinators.