Shade and Hydrangea trees in containers!

Even though we are no longer digging deciduous we still have a variety of trees in containers. The Acer R ‘Red Sunset’ and Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’® in a #45 container is approximately a 2″ caliper and branched at 5’ for an instant impact. 
ACER CRIMSON SUNSET.jpgprunus thundercloud 10.jpg
Acer x Crimson Sunset® is an upright oval tree with a multitude of applications in the landscape.  Prunus cer ‘Thundercloud’ is a beautiful upright flowering cherry with a pink flower show and makes for a terrific splash of color. 
pinky winky.jpgpink diamond.jpg
Hydrangea pan ‘Pinky Winky’® and Hydrangea pan ‘Pink Diamond’ make beautiful centerpieces in a landscape and can also be used as a patio accent in a large container.