Proven Winner Problem Solvers


-No pollinator needed for berry production (Winterthur is a similar viburnum but does need a pollinator) – the problem this actually solves is that if you have a space without much room for plants, then you only need to plant one plant
-The plant is loaded with berries that transition from green to white to pink and blue
-Can be planted in moist to boggy sites, and even does well in partial shade
-Spring bloom, glossy/waxy green foliage that turns burgundy in the fall, and then berries through the fall.  3+ seasons of interest

FIRE LIGHT® Hydrangea
– It flowers every year (can’t make a trimming mistake)
– bloom transitions from white to pomegranate-pink and flower color isn’t dependent on pH
-Thick, upright stems keep the flowers off the ground and on display

·         Spring flowers + dark burgundy fall foliage = 3 seasons of interest
·         Deer resistant
·         Shade tolerant
·         Ideal for groundcovers, embankments, edging, or borders
·         Tolerant of clay soil!

Amy Cotta Rhododendron
-Need a dwarf evergreen with flowers? Found it!
-Early spring bloomer that’s covered in purple flowers
– Great addition for a woodland or shade garden