Our prediction for the most popular plant of Spring… Substitutions!

Viburnum lentago is a native that is very similar to Viburnum prunifolium in both summer and fall leaf color, flower, fruit, ultimate sizes and shade tolerance.  This is an excellent 15 to 18’ hedge or screen plant.  We have good numbers in 7, 8, and 9’ for the immediate screen.  Lindera benzoin reaches 10’ and works well in moist and shade areas.  It is a good substitute for Ilex and Fothergilla.

Pinus bungeana is a very good substitute for Pinus strobus. Its ultimate size and shape are similar with the added advantage of a very decorative multi-colored exfoliating bark.  Psuedotsuga menziesii’s name even says it makes a good sub for Tsuga canadensis.  It has the added advantage of being a very insect and disease-free evergreen tree for screens or as a stand-alone tree.