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As hardscapes and water features are becoming more and more popular in the landscape, we can provide stand-out pieces that will make them pop. 

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Small and Mighty, Hydrangea ser Let’s Dance Arriba® is a dwarf only getting to a mature size of 3’x3′ and hardy to a zone 4A. Viburnum plic Steady Eddy® is the perfect dwarf plicatum for a smaller space, only getting to about 5’x5′ about half the size of the species. 

Taxus cus Capitata has a beautiful soft texture for a landscape backdrop or hedge line. Taxus cus Green Wave is a wonderful tight plant getting only 3’x3′ and known as generally more hardy than other similar plants at a Zone 4A.

Ilex glabra Gembox ® is a great plant to use anywhere you would put a boxwood. Gem Box has small dark green leaves with attractive red tips during the spring flush. Cornus stol Arctic Fire® has beautiful winter interest and only gets 3-5′ tall, smaller than other red twig varieties.

Juniperus chin Sea Green is great for rock gardens, foundations, or even a low hedge. Thuja o Yellow Ribbon has an amazing texture with beautiful golden foliage. This columnar variety gets to be about 10′ at mature height. 

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Hydrangea and Lavender are where it’s at!

Hydrangea Arb Annabelle is a great plant that has strong upright stems topped with showy white flowers. Hydrangea M Forever Pink is a beautiful dwarf hydrangea with a deep pink flower and only gets to about 3′ at max height. both of these crops are bud and bloom. 

Hydrangea pan Tardiva has a showy white flower and is a late-season bloomer. This plant makes a beautiful backdrop in the landscape reaching about 8′ at maturity. Hydrangea m Twist & Shout is a reblooming lace cap with lacy pink or violet-blue centers surrounded by circles of large sterile florets that are pink or blue depending on soil conditions. Its green leaves turn maroon-red in fall. 

Lavender Hidcote is a beautiful perennial with deep violet-blue flowers blooming in summer. Lavender Mundstead is a beautiful variety that can be used in mass plantings, hedges, or along patios and walkways. Lavender has long been used as a natural approach to repel bugs.

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Perennials are moving!

Add texture and beauty with ornamental grasses!

Miscanthus s ‘Adagio’ has elegant striped blades of green and white emerging in spring. They grow to about 4-6′ tall. The texture and versatility of Miscanthus s ‘Gracillimus’ make it an easy choice for any garden. 
Pennisetum Hameln requires little maintenance and thrives in full sun and dry conditions. Pennisetum Little Bunny is also low maintenance and only gets to about 18″ tall and about 15″ wide making it an ideal plant for small perennial beds.   

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For a beautiful feathered hedge Taxus cus capitata is the way to go. This beautiful full plant makes for a wonderful natural fence. Taxus Nigra is a zone 4 low maintenance plant that tolerates urban conditions, well drained soil is a must.

Join us at Cultivate show this year. 
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