We’re Still Growing the “Old Favorites”

Tree form Hydrangea ‘Limelight’, ‘Pinky Winky’, ‘Quick Fire’, and the old favorite Pan. Grandiflora all look great in head sizes from 30” to 4’ wide.  Syringa m. ‘Palibin’ Tree Form are from 18” to 5’.  They range from retail size to the specimen landscape size plant for high end landscapes.

We also grow Syringa hyacinthiflora and vulgaris hybrids and have them from 30” garden center size to 7’ for the instant hedge with fragrant blooms and no fruit.  We have them in single and double flowers and colors from white to blue, purple, red and in between.

Evergreens Grown for Your Success

Every landscape needs a few evergreens and we have some very nice plants to choose from.  We start ours in air prune pots to build a fibrous root system.  From there we plant them in the field on close spacing to grow for two years.  Then we transplant them to finished spacing to grow on to landscape sizes.  Each of the steps insure that you won’t have trouble transplanting them.  We want you to be successful every time you hold or plant one of our beautiful evergreens!

Birch Grown the Right Way

We grow our tree form birch with straight trunks and uniformly limbed to 3’.  Our multi-stem is spaced so there are no twisted trunks, just nice spacing and matched individual canes.  Both are grown with drip irrigation to produce a confined root system producing trees that holds up well in your holding yard and responds well to transplanting.  Many of our customers have been buying our birch for years with great results.  If you are not one of them, you should find out what many others already know.

Help us serve you better

If you have not already done so, please give us your desired delivery date.  Some weeks this spring are almost to our shipping capacity.  Let us know as soon as possible so we have the opportunity for you to receive your material when it best meets your schedule.

Evergreen Shrubs are Looking Great!

We grow a very nice Rhododendron in the field that are budded up and ready to burst into color.  We dig them with a wire basket to insure the ball is in great shape when you receive it, avoiding a pancake ball with a compromised root system.  We dig our Taxus the with wire baskets for the same reason.  Help insure a successful planting by installing material grown at Losely Nursery.

For those of you that have placed your Spring orders with us, it’s that time when we start asking for approximate ship dates.  Please help us to have your material ready when you want it by giving us a requested ship date as soon as possible.

We Love Giving Tours

Trees grown with good structure through proper pruning and staking avoids problems in the future.  Our trees are grown to have strong trunks and branch angles to hold up under snow load in the winter and heavy winds year-round.  This also means our trees are very uniform from one tree to the next.

We invite you to tour the nursery and see for yourself how well all our plants are grown.  We get as excited touring as you will when you see what we are growing and how great it all looks!

Come see us at the shows!

Great Lakes Trade Expo
Booth# 307
Jan 29th & 30th

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Jan 30th-Feb 1st

Tri-state Green Industry Conference
Feb 7th

Proven Winner Problem Solvers


-No pollinator needed for berry production (Winterthur is a similar viburnum but does need a pollinator) – the problem this actually solves is that if you have a space without much room for plants, then you only need to plant one plant
-The plant is loaded with berries that transition from green to white to pink and blue
-Can be planted in moist to boggy sites, and even does well in partial shade
-Spring bloom, glossy/waxy green foliage that turns burgundy in the fall, and then berries through the fall.  3+ seasons of interest

FIRE LIGHT® Hydrangea
– It flowers every year (can’t make a trimming mistake)
– bloom transitions from white to pomegranate-pink and flower color isn’t dependent on pH
-Thick, upright stems keep the flowers off the ground and on display

·         Spring flowers + dark burgundy fall foliage = 3 seasons of interest
·         Deer resistant
·         Shade tolerant
·         Ideal for groundcovers, embankments, edging, or borders
·         Tolerant of clay soil!

Amy Cotta Rhododendron
-Need a dwarf evergreen with flowers? Found it!
-Early spring bloomer that’s covered in purple flowers
– Great addition for a woodland or shade garden

Not your Average Evergreen

Pinus bungeana – Lacebark Pine has magnificent gray-green exfoliating bark revealing patches of white, green and purple interior bark with soft dark green needles.  Pinus cembra – Swiss Stone Pine has a uniform, narrow and densely columnar habit.  Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’ and Picea abies ‘Pendula’ are unique plants growing so no two are exactly alike with their spreading, drooping branches that reach in different directions. 

Losely Nursery is known for our Unique and Specimen Nursery Stock.  Our sales reps can help you find just the right specimen plant to fit your and your customer’s needs.