These plants are great staples to fill the gaps in your inventory!

Hamamelis vernalis flowers in early spring and is one of the first signs of the change in season. This beauty creates a year-round addition to the landscape. Myrica pensylvanica has aromatic leaves and silver-gray berries. With its foliage turning bronze in fall it makes a great hedge plant that is hardy to zone 3.
Nyssa Sylvatica has a spectacular fall color and is a very popular native tree. Prunus snow fountain makes a beautiful centerpiece. With cascading branches and delicate white flowers in spring, it is a showstopper!
Hydrangea pan Phantom tree form is a crowd-pleaser. With large panicled flowers up to 15″ across that emerge white and change to pink, this ornamental tree provides the impact that you have been waiting for. The Red Drift® Rose displays beautiful, red flowers that bloom continuously with disease resistance and hardiness.

Don’t miss out on these must haves!

You will be looking forward to the beautiful blooms on the Buddleia Pugster Pinker ®.  They wont be sitting on your shelves long when these blooms emerge with beautiful pink panicle shaped flowers, your customers wont walk past these! Salix Nishiki has a beautiful flowing structure. It adds movement to your landscape and has beautiful color. 
With its beautiful dark and lacey leaf Sambucus nigra black lace stands out with its beautiful soft pink flowers. Back to the fields at Losely Nursery we have started digging more product including the beautiful full crops of Euonymus Alatus Compacta. 
Cotoneaster has long been used in the landscape for rocky areas and sports a shiny green leaf with pretty pink flowers in spring and bright red berries in fall. Ruby Ribbons Switch Grass is a compact grower with beautiful red highlights in late summer. 
Picea pungens ‘Globosa’ has a beautiful blue hue in the landscape. Picea abies ‘nidiformis’ stands out with its electric needles and unique presence. 
The wait is over, Summer has begun, don’t miss out on summer sales.  
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Summer is here!

amelanchier autumn brilliance.jpgsummer crush.jpg
We hope you are as excited about these beautiful Amelanchier and Summer Crush® as our sales teams are! Large shrubs in containers have been a staple at Losely Nursery for some time now and with the transition of containers to Ridge Manor we are proud to say we are happy with our quality and selection available. 
can do.jpgEndless summer.jpg
Bud and bloom hydrangea are looking amazing! Flowers sell and these colorful blooms will really make an impact with your customers!
wee white.jpglimelight tree.jpg
Hydrangea arb Invincibelle Wee White  are standing strong, a beautiful Arborescence that won’t flop. Hydrangea Limelight tree is shaping up to be quite a beautiful centerpiece in the garden.
double knockout rose.jpgpatio pot petite ko.jpg
There is no arguing that these beautiful Knockout® and Petite Knockout® roses would make a wonderful pop of color on the patio. 
sunny side up.jpgwine shine.jpg
Czechmark Trilogy Sunny Side Up has a beautiful white flower featuring a sunny yellow center and green foliage. Weigela Midnight Wine Shine has beautiful dark glossy leaves and blooms in shades of pink.
happy face.jpgdouble play pink.jpg
Happy Face® White Potentilla has a dainty pure white flower that reblooms throughout the summer months. Double Play® Pink Spirea has deep green foliage with red  tips that are only upstaged when the plant is in full bloom of bright pink blooms. 
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Thank you to those who served for the freedoms we hold today. 

Memorial day_.jfif
twopink weigela.jpgstunner weigela.jpg
These Stunning Weigela have beautiful impact in the landscape. Add them to your next truckload.  
Thuja O Degroots Spire 4_.jpgThuja O Nigra 5_.jpg
The old adage fences make good neighbors holds true, beautiful hedges make great neighbors. 
Endless summer.jpgred double KO.jpg
Blooming Roses and Hydrangea will add value to your Garden Center. Call your sales Representative to get your next truck on the road! 

Colorful Product with Impact!

winecraft black _3.jpgmini maroon _3.jpg
Our container stock is looking great! We make a splash of color even without flowers! 
orangea torch.jpgmagic carpet.jpg
With some splashes of red and vibrant yellows these are sure to add unique focus to the landscape. 
Pugster Pink.jpgLA Dreamin _3.jpg
We are looking forward to the blooms that will be here soon on our Butterfly Bush and our budded up hydrangea. 
goldmound.jpgLemon Lace _3.jpg
  These electric lime plants will stand out and really turn some heads. Enjoy these pops of color in the landscape. 
The wait is over, Spring has sprung! Call your sales Representative to get your next truck on the road! 

Shade and Hydrangea trees in containers!

Even though we are no longer digging deciduous we still have a variety of trees in containers. The Acer R ‘Red Sunset’ and Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’® in a #45 container is approximately a 2″ caliper and branched at 5’ for an instant impact. 
ACER CRIMSON SUNSET.jpgprunus thundercloud 10.jpg
Acer x Crimson Sunset® is an upright oval tree with a multitude of applications in the landscape.  Prunus cer ‘Thundercloud’ is a beautiful upright flowering cherry with a pink flower show and makes for a terrific splash of color. 
pinky winky.jpgpink diamond.jpg
Hydrangea pan ‘Pinky Winky’® and Hydrangea pan ‘Pink Diamond’ make beautiful centerpieces in a landscape and can also be used as a patio accent in a large container. 

When we stop digging and your customers still need deciduous… the answer is YES!

As the deciduous digging season winds down over the next few weeks, we won’t leave you empty-handed. We are able to supply a wide variety of deciduous trees in containers ranging from #7 to #45 container stock. With over 30 different varieties available and multiple sizes, you are sure to find what you need for your next planting on the Ridge Manor container availability.

Contact your sales representative for more information
acer freemanii x autumn blaze.jpgacer x freemanii celebration 10.jpg
Acer x ‘Autumn Blaze’® is a cross for the best of both worlds! It grows quickly like a silver maple but has the strength and vibrant showy fall color of a red maple. Acer freemanii Celebration is a fast-growing seedless maple and is well used as a street tree or as a shade tree.
acer r october glory 10.jpgACER RED POINTE.jpg
When established, Acer r. October GloryⓇ can grow over 3 feet per year. At maturity, the October Glory reaches between 40 to 50 feet in height with a 25 to 30 feet spread. Our teams have been working hard to provide beautiful shade trees for our customers. The uniformity shines through in our Acer r. Red PointeⓇ.
acer r sun valley 10.jpgACER RED SUNSET   .jpg
Acer r Sun Valley is a medium-sized red maple getting to about 25-30′ tall at maturity. It has a beautiful red fall color and is fruitless. Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’, more commonly known as a Red SunsetⓇ Maple, is a great choice for the next shade tree you install. It is a hardy, upright tree with excellent orange-red fall color.

You will be almost as happy as your customers with these evergreens!

pinus bungeana 5_.jpgpinus strobus pendula.jpg
Pinus bungeana is a beautiful evergreen with soft textured green needles. This tree features exfoliating bark that reveals patches of white, green, and purple interior bark. Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’ is a weeping form of pine with long drooping branches. This works great as an accent plant or even a centerpiece for the landscape.
picea abies norway 7.jpgPicea Glauca Conica _3.jpg
Picea Abies is a broad vigorous spruce with bright green foliage. It is best to plant this where it can stretch a bit with a mature height of about 150′ tall! Picea glauca Conica, more commonly known as Dwarf Alberta Spruce, has a small stature getting to be only about 5′ tall and maintaining its shape with minimal trimming.
picea pungens hoopsi.jpgpicea pungens bakeri.jpg
Picea pungens ‘Bakeri’ and Picea pungens ‘Hoopsi’ are both beautiful zone 3 blue spruce. Bakeri will finish around a mature height of 30′ and Hoopsi will finish around 25′. Both of these make a great addition to the landscape.
slenderina.jpgpicea abies pendula Weeping Norway 5.jpg
Picea P glauca Slenderina Pendula and Weeping Norway spruce both present their own attitude with their spreading, drooping branches that reach in different directions. No two plants are exactly the same.

Evergreen Staples in the landscape!

Taxus x green wave.jpgTAXUS BAC REPANDENS FIELD.jpg
Taxus x Green Wave has a semi-weeping graceful and distinctive branching. Taxus bac ‘Repandens’ is a low-growing wide-spreading form of taxus and is very useful for ground cover purposes.
tsuga diversiflolia.jpgbuxus x green mountain 18.jpg
Tsuga diversifolia has a pyramidal habit with graceful twisted irregular branching. With its unique stature, it makes its presence known in the landscape. Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’ is the most upright of its boxwood species. Getting to a height of around 5′, it would make an excellent hedge or backdrop in the landscape.
Buxus winter gem 7.jpgBuxus Sprinter 7.jpg
Buxus m. ‘Winter Gem’ has beautiful dense compact branching and excellent winter hardiness. Buxus m. ‘Sprinter’ is a faster-growing and more upright version of Boxwood. It is ideally suited for low hedging and landscaping.
juniper blue pacific.jpgjuniper blue rug.jpg
Juniper c ‘Blue Pacific’ has dense blue-green foliage. This works as a wonderful ground cover and does better when not pruned. Juniper Blue Rug is a silver-blue ground cover. Growing anywhere from 6″-12″ a year it fills in fairly quickly and works great for rock gardens.

Syringa and Hydrangea make great hedges too!

  Sensation 6_.jpg  SENSATION.jpg  
Sensation, above.
Burgundy Queen, below.  
Syringa v Sensation is an upright, deciduous shrub noted for its unusual bicolor flowers. With purple petals edged in bright white and its floral aroma, it’s quite an attention grabber! Syringa v Burgundy Queen has a vibrant burgundy-purple flower that stands out in the landscape.
Myrica pensylvanica has glossy green foliage, silver-gray berries and makes a great hedge plant. Hamamelis vernalis has yellow to red flowers in spring before the leaves show. Rounded in habit, this shrub works well to create an informal barrier hedge.
HYDRANGEA PAN TARDIVA.jpgHydrangea p bloomables fire and ice 7.jpg
Hydrangea pan ‘Tardiva’ has a showy white flower that slowly turns to purplish-pink in fall. Hydrangea pan ‘Fire and Ice’ has flower clusters that open creamy white in early summer and gradually change to a deep red in fall.
Hydrangea A Annabelle 3.jpgHydrangea Lime Rickey 3.jpg
Hydrangea Arb Annabelle is a great plant that has strong upright stems topped with showy white flowers. Hydrangea arb Lime Rickey has cool, lime-green flowers that appear each summer. It makes a great cut flower, fresh or dried, and attracts pollinators.

Beautiful Material with a big impact!

CLADRASTIS LUTEA.jpgchionanthus.jpg
Cladrastis Lutea is best known for its fragrant white flower panicles in May and June and has vibrant yellow fall color. Chionanthus retusus, also known as Chinese fringe tree, is a beautiful tree with white fragrant flowers. It also adds texture with its exfoliating bark and lustrous dark green leaves.
hydrangea little lime.jpghydrangea little quickfire.jpg
Don’t let the small stature of Hydrangea Pan Little Lime® fool you! It blooms in summer with lime green blooms on strong stems with no drooping. As the blooms age, they turn to a rich pink color that stays through fall. Hydrangea Little Quick Fire® is early blooming, flowering about a month before other hydrangeas. White flowers transform to pink-red as summer progresses.
CERCIS CANADENSIS.jpgCercis Alba.jpg
Cercis canadensis is a familiar plant to most people. The bright early spring flowers signify the coming of warmer weather. Make an impact with this white Cercis canadensis alba! This beautiful ornamental tree has an elegant touch with its white flowers in spring.
Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance _10.jpghibiscus azurri blue satin.jpg
Hibiscus Azurri Blue Satin® makes for a beautiful focal point in the garden or a perfect patio tree in a container. It is a true blue all summer bloomer and is virtually seedless. In addition to its beautiful blooms, it also is heat and drought-tolerant.