Last Chance for Spring Orders!!

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The deadline for Spring 2022 orders to go through the allocation process is Friday, November 12th at 4 pm    All orders received after the deadline will be date and time stamped and entered in the order they are received. If you don’t have your order in yet, use the attached availability to fill out your order and email or fax it back.
Pinus strobus ‘Tortulosa’ has beautiful twisted, soft blue-green needles that are held in a tufted fashion on a narrow, upright pyramidal tree that becomes more oval with age. The contorted needles offer a soft and interesting appearance. The big boy next to Andy is a 16′ Picea abies ‘Pendula’. No two are exactly alike, but all tend to spread their limbs in a wild and awkward configuration.
Malus ‘Sargentina’ is a unique top graft crab apple with a compact ostentatious branching habit. This beautiful plant, covered in blooms in spring, is extremely attractive in the landscape. Malus ‘Lollizam’, commonly known as LollipopĀ® Crabapple, is a dwarf tree with a small compact head of dense green foliage. It displays a white flower show in spring, followed by small yellow to golden red fruit in fall.
Juniper s. ‘Skyrocket’ has dusty blue-green foliage and minimal care, getting to about 15’at a mature height. This narrow upright plant will be a great addition to the landscape. Juniper v. ‘Taylor’ semi-soft blue-green foliage maintains a more dense, narrow columnar form. It is very useful as a vertical accent, windbreak, or even a screen in the landscape.