Focal plants and Mighty Oaks!

Diospyros virginiana is good for home landscapes, parks, golf courses, and naturalized areas. The Viburnum Tomentosum tree has all the beauty of the shrub but in an ornamental tree. This tree can’t wait to be the next focal point in your landscape installation.

viburnum pink beauty.jpgSpiraea double play artisan 3.jpg

Viburnum Pink Beauty flower color may vary somewhat from season to season and depending on sun exposure has light pink flower petals or white petals that are edged pink.  Spiraea Double play artesian has red new growth in spring and is followed by fuschia summer flowers.

Quercus Muhlenbergii.jpgQuercus-Bicolor.jpg

Commonly known as the Chinkapin Oak, Quercus Muhlenbergii has dark green foliage with a rounded habit and yellow fall color. Quercus bicolor is a moisture and drought-tolerant tree. It provides yellow and orange fall colors. The leaf is a similar shape to the Quercus alba.

Platinus occidentalis has a beautiful white exfoliating bark that gets brighter with age and tolerates wet areas also. This large tree gets wide and works well in naturalizing settings. Quercus rubra is a rounded pyramidal with a fast-growing habit. It provides beautiful red fall color.