Fall is for planting!

pinus bungeana.jpgpinus strobus pendula.jpg
Pinus bungeana is a beautiful evergreen with soft textured green needles. This tree features exfoliating bark that reveals patches of white, green, and purple interior bark. Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’ is a weeping form of pine with long drooping branches. This works great as an accent plant or even a center piece for the landscape.
platanus acer exclamation.jpgQUERCUS MACROCARPA.jpg
Platanus x acerifolia Exclamation is tolerant to difficult growing conditions including adverse soils, poor drainage, air pollution, and drought. This tree develops an attractive exfoliating bark, which peels back to expose shades of cream and white. Quercus macrocarpa has an oval habit and is tolerant of drought and direct sun making it a wonderful shade tree.
quercus rubra.jpgquercus robur fastigiata.jpg
Quercus rubra has a rounded pyramidal form. This fast-growing native tree has excellent red fall color. Quercus robur fastigiata is an upright tree that is great for screening and hedges.
taxodium distichum.jpgulmus am valley forge.jpg
Taxodium distichum is a deciduous conifer with pyramidal habit and nice yellow fall color. Ulmus am ‘Valley Forge’ has a broad vase-shaped crown with arching limbs and also sports a great yellow fall color.