Evergreen Staples in the landscape!

Taxus x green wave.jpgTAXUS BAC REPANDENS FIELD.jpg
Taxus x Green Wave has a semi-weeping graceful and distinctive branching. Taxus bac ‘Repandens’ is a low-growing wide-spreading form of taxus and is very useful for ground cover purposes.
tsuga diversiflolia.jpgbuxus x green mountain 18.jpg
Tsuga diversifolia has a pyramidal habit with graceful twisted irregular branching. With its unique stature, it makes its presence known in the landscape. Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’ is the most upright of its boxwood species. Getting to a height of around 5′, it would make an excellent hedge or backdrop in the landscape.
Buxus winter gem 7.jpgBuxus Sprinter 7.jpg
Buxus m. ‘Winter Gem’ has beautiful dense compact branching and excellent winter hardiness. Buxus m. ‘Sprinter’ is a faster-growing and more upright version of Boxwood. It is ideally suited for low hedging and landscaping.
juniper blue pacific.jpgjuniper blue rug.jpg
Juniper c ‘Blue Pacific’ has dense blue-green foliage. This works as a wonderful ground cover and does better when not pruned. Juniper Blue Rug is a silver-blue ground cover. Growing anywhere from 6″-12″ a year it fills in fairly quickly and works great for rock gardens.