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Feel free to contact us directly by any means below, or simply fill out our form to inquire about our products or services and a representative will contact you shortly.  When requesting the password, please provide company information.  We do not give the password to retail customers/ homeowners.

Sales Manager

Mary Beth Miller- 440-796-2991


Shipping Coordinator

For your shipping questions, please contact:

Ridge Manor- 440-361-7925

Administrative Assistant

Veronica Nuñez –

Inside Sales

Matt Rocky- 440-487-5820


Outside Sales Staff

Rich Grobelny: IN (North of RT 30), IL, WI, MI
cell: 440-413-4956

In Partnership with:

New England Nursery Sales, Inc.: New England, Eastern NY (except Long Island)
Ph: 800-639-1722
Fax: 802-751-8124

All others: Please contact the office
phone: 440-259-2725
fax: 440-259-3690

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3410 Shepard Rd.
Perry, Ohio 44081

Phone: 440-259-2725
Fax: 440-259-3690


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