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Herman Losely and Son, Inc. had its current beginnings in 1949 when Herman Losely, a Swiss-trained gardener, re-entered the landscape industry following World War II.

He did this by re-establishing contacts in the landscape industry that dated from the late 1920s to the onset of World War II in 1941. These contacts, the trunk of the family car, a wheelbarrow, assorted hand tools, enthusiasm, hard work, a commitment to quality, and good value comprised the modest start-up.

In 1951, the business became a partnership with the inclusion of son Edward. In 1976, the business was reorganized as a family owned operation.

Third generation Karl became a full-time participant in the business upon his graduation from Ohio State University in 1977.

The propagation and growing of woody ornamental nursery stock were added to the landscape contracting business in 1952 at a location about thirty miles south of here in Geauga County. The nursery was relocated to a twenty-acre abandoned vegetable farm in Perry in 1958 and the landscape contracting business followed several years later. The nursery is currently growing on 1000 acres. In addition to field growing, 450,000 container-grown plants are in production and 20 acres are in liner production.

Having discontinued the landscape business in 1975, the nursery now provides, at wholesale, over 1000 varieties of mostly woody ornamentals (USDA Zone 5) to landscape contractors, garden centers, re-wholesale yards, and other growers. Our shipping corridor extends from New England to Virginia in the East, Missouri to Minnesota in the West, Ontario, and Quebec in the North, and Kentucky and West Virginia in the South. Geographically we are located within a 500 radius of seventy-five percent of the North American market. In addition, Cleveland, “The Best Location In The Nation”, is a major transportation hub offering many transportation options.

Our business has obviously been blessed. We are thankful for our many loyal customers. We owe much to a dedicated, conscientious, and hard-working current and retired staff. This combination enables The Losely Nursery Team to produce a high-value product and good service for our customers.

The Staff of Herman Losely and Son, Inc.

Mr. Ed Losely and Mrs. Gertrude Losely

Mr. Ed Losely (During our landscaping period)

Karl Losely and Ed Losely

The Herman Losely and Son Team

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