5′ & 6′ Green Giants – High Stock Alert!

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High Stock Alert!
We’ve released over 5,000 arborvitae ‘Green Giants’ onto the Losely B&B availability list. The majority of stock available for digging now are 5′ and 6′ tall and looking absolutely phenomenal in the field (pictured above).
Green Giant’s low-branching, dense columnar-pyramidal habit reaches a mature height of 40-60 feet and width of 12-18 feet with a lifespan of 40-60 years. Dark green sprays of small, glossy, scale-like needles retain their deep green color through the winter. Perfect for hedge and privacy screen plantings.
‘Fire Light Tidbit’ features dozens of full mophead flowers on strong stems- Flowers go from white to rich, saturated tones of pink and red as they age. 
‘Bobo’ is engulfed by large white flowers, held upright on strong stems. They continue to grow and lengthen as they bloom. No flopping!
‘Anna’s Magic Ball’ arborvitae is a little sphere of cheerful yellow foliage. It isn’t bothered by winter weather and holds color all year-round.
‘Nana Gracilis’ is a compact, slow-growing, multi-stemmed, evergreen shrub that typically grows to 3′ tall over the first 10 years. 
‘Limelight Prime’ blooms much earlier, creating a longer display. As the green blooms age, they develop pink and red tones, and it features stronger stems than other hydrangea varieties.
‘Palibin’ is a compact, low-spreading cultivar. Pale pink, sweetly-fragrant single flowers arranged in dense, terminal clusters cover this shrub 
‘Petite Knock Out’ tree offers the same vibrant red bloom power as the popular shrubs in an 18″ tree in a patio planter that is perfect for patios and small gardens.
‘Andorra’ is a juniper ground cover with three seasons of color. Does well in rock gardens and low deer browse.