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‘October Glory’ is a red maple cultivar that grows tall with a dense, rounded crown of green leaves that fades to a bright orange before transitioning to a deep, reddish purple fall color – even in warmer climates. ‘Green Giant’ grows large, densely, and maintains a pyramid-like structure with minimal trimming. Feathery, forest green foliage can grow at a rapid rate of 3 feet per year once established. #3, #7, and #10 containers available in good supply! Don’t wait too long and miss out!
‘Purple Prince’ is a flowering, fruiting crabapple tree that reaches about 18-20 ft. upon maturity. Foliage starts off in a purplish-hue before fading to orange-red in the fall.  Emerald Green’ is the landscape design professionals’ go-to for screen or privacy hedge plantings. This excellent performer is hardy and evergreen all year long, meaning no unattractive holes or dead spots to deal with. #3, #7, and #10 container specimens available now in large quantities! 
‘Golden Privet’ beckons with its eye-catching, bold marigold foliage. Impressive branching and an upright growth habit makes this deciduous shrub a great choice for hedge plantings. ‘Grow-Low’ grows rapidly and outwardly, making it a practical choice for groundcover plantings on slopes and areas with poor, dry soil. Deciduous.
‘Wine and Roses’ is having a moment this summer. Her rosy pink flowers appear in late spring and often rebloom in summer. Rich dark purple foliage all summer. Season long color. Petite Knock Out is the first-ever miniature Knock Out® Rose! It has the same flower power and easy care as others in The Family, but in an adorable, compact size! Not only is the plant petite, but it displays smaller blooms than other Knock Out Roses.
‘Dark Purple’ is a reblooming lilac. Naturally growing as a handsome, rounded shrub, very large dark purple buds emerge in mid to late spring. These open to a classic deep purple-lilac color and perfume the air for weeks. ‘Dwarf Purple’ grows at about one-third of the average size of conventional lilacs. It features perfectly purple blooms that cover the plant in late spring, then reappear throughout summer and fall. Plus, it’s vigorous and resistant to disease. 
‘Dark Green’ is characterized by its yellow-green to green flattened sprays of foliage. Native to eastern and central Canada south to northern Illinois, Ohio and New York with scattered populations further south. ‘Taylor’ is a semi-soft juniper with blue-green foliage and an upright, columnar habit. Evergreen and dense form make for a great screen or border planting. 
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‘Sun Valley’ is a red maple male cultivar with the elevated fall color your customers are looking for alongside ideal branching habit. Leaves start glossy-green in spring before fading to a brilliant red hue in fall.  ‘Burgundy Belle’ is another red maple. This deciduous specimen grows in a compact, oval-rounded manner, making it a solid selection for tree lawns or shade plantings. 
‘Dark Green’ is characterized by its yellow-green to green flattened sprays of foliage. Native to eastern and central Canada south to northern Illinois, Ohio and New York with scattered populations further south. ‘Green Velvet’ stays compact while spreading laterally via lush foliage of glossy, dark green leaves. Low deer and rabbit browse. 
‘Degroots Spire’ is a tall, narrow form arborvitae with rich green foliage. Plant en masse for a lovely privacy screen or natural wind break. Cold hardy and evergreen.  ‘Emerald Green’ grows tight and dense for minimum trimming. Hardy and adaptable to multiple soil types. Fast growing and color that lasts all year long. 
‘Fire Chief’ is a dwarf evergreen shrub that is looking fantastic currently despite the hot and (mostly) dry conditions around Northeast Ohio this summer. This one grows a bit slower than other Thuja varieties, making it a great candidate for container and small garden plantings. Now is the time to get these on order, its color is stunning and sure to please your customers. 
‘Lavender Chiffon’ throws large, single lavender flowers that are adorned with a lacy center to create an anemone-like bloom. Beautiful for use in a mixed container, or incorporated into a mixed border. ‘Blue Chiffon’ has the same vigorous growth and lacy blooms as its Lavender counterpart, but with large, single blue flowers. Each is adorned with a lacy center to create an anemone-like bloom. Bold yet delicate.
With its intensely colored blooms and refined habit, ‘Miss Molly’ is the queen of the summer garden. Its fragrant flowers are the closest to red of any butterfly bush and appear for months every summer without deadheading. ‘Diablo’ is native to the Pacific Northwest and thrives in areas with substantial moisture and acidic soils. Cream-colored white flowers are ready to emerge soon, set off by the plants’ glossy dark green to deep purple foliage.  
‘Sea Green’ is a compact, evergreen shrub with a fountain-like, arching habit. Typically grows 4-6′ high and to 8′ wide. Features dark green foliage (may turn darker in winter). Microbiata decussata is known for its feathery, soft-textured, scale-like foliage arranged in flat, fan-like sprays reminiscent of arborvitae. It forms a shrubby ground cover to 8-18” tall with indefinitely spreading stems that nod at the tips.
‘Black Lace’ is a perfectly stylish addition to your landscape. Intense purple black foliage is finely cut like lace, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese maple. Pink flowers in early summer contrast with the dark leaves for a stunning effect. ‘Lemony Lace’ is a North American native that produces big clusters of white flowers in early spring before the foliage emerges, then bright yellow leaves take over, edged in red. As the foliage ages, it turns an attractive chartreuse. 

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Summer may be halfway over, but you can still add color to the landscape and keep your customers happy with new plants from our nurseries!
Green Velvet is a solid perennial shrub for low hedge or border plantings. Maintains a lovely, rounded habit with little pruning. Year round, cold hardy color in the landscape. Partner with a male blue holly in the landscape for a prolific berry set in fall. Taxus x Media Densiformis is a packed, low spreading variety that is great for hedges, foundations, or screen plantings. Dark green foliage sets off its berry-red like floral cones. 
Thuja Emerald Green is a towering variety that stays consistently green throughout the seasons, and maintains a natural thickness with little maintenance or pruning required. Pennisetum a ‘Little Bunny’ is a miniature Fountain grass variety that shoots up cream-colored, tufted seed heads above a clump of dark green foliage. Low deer browse. 
Petite Knock Out® Rose is the first ever miniature Knock Out rose in red; plant in decorative containers to spruce up a porch or patio, or in mass for a dramatic pop of bold red color. Ilex Nordic is a slow growing inkberry variety that stays compact in the landscape, and it’s succulent deep green foliage makes it an excellent choice for foundation or hedge plantings.  
Viburnum ‘Carlesii’ is a incredibly fragrant shrub that throws dense white to flush pink flower heads. Subtle scents of warm vanilla beckon curious onlookers to take a closer look. ‘Picea Glanca Conica’ is a hardy evergreen conifer that typically grows 60-80’ tall with a cone shaped crown and features blue-green aromatic needles with sharp tips.  
‘PowWow Wild Berry’ features no deadheading required, which means less work and more fun for your customers! This award-winning variety stays short and compact in the landscape or in containers. Highly adaptable to extreme conditions. Nepeta ‘Junior Walker’ is a popular compact perennial that spreads a dense clump of small grey-green leaves all season long. Flower spikes emerge and stay strong from early summer into early fall.
NewGen Independence® boxwood features good resistance to boxwood blight and solid performance in boxwood leaf miner trials. deep green, medium-sized cultivar that holds excellent color throughout the winter. These are freshly trimmed and looking great! Secure your lot today for fall shrub planting season.
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Bright red berries on purple stems embellish the dense, blue-green foliage from fall through winter on ‘Blue Princess’. Partner with a male blue holly in the landscape for a prolific berry set in fall. Castle Spire® is a regal accent for your landscape! Dark glossy leaves, superior vigor and branching make it a superior choice. These are fresh trimmed and looking GREAT right now! 
Miscanthus Gracillumus is a flashy selection with feathery copper-colored plumes covering the plant by mid-fall. Miscanthus Variegatus is a variegated sedge with creamy white longitudinal stripes on long, deep green foliage. A classic ornamental grass for the landscape! 
Selected due to its good resistance to boxwood blight and boxwood leaf miner, New Gen ‘Freedom®’ is more uniform and tight, making it an excellent choice for formal and residential landscapes. Note: this is an upright variety; better to compare it to another upright like Green Mountain.
‘Munstead’ is a hardy, extremely fragrant lavender variety that blooms twice starting in late spring or early summer. This variety tolerates heat and poor soil conditions well.  ‘SuperBlue’ is a hardy, compact and fragrant Lavender plant that tops out at about a foot in height, making it a perfect choice for edging walkways and setting into patio containers. 
‘Big Time Blue’ features big time versatility – it can be enjoyed in containers, planted as a perennial border, or massed to form a colorful hedge. Shiny, luminescent green foliage provides a striking contrast to columnar purple blooms. ‘Bubblegum Candles’ boasts an abundance of psychedelic pink spikes. Its compact, bright green foliage and tidy form make this a great plant for edging a path or mass plantings.
Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’ is covered in big, glossy leaves, and this shrub explodes with enormous, long-blooming cupped flowers (picture on right) that look a bit like a deep red magnolia. 
Wine and Roses® is an award winning weigela featuring rosey-pink flowers that appear in late spring and often rebloom into summer. With rich dark purple foliage you will have season long color! Weigela Stunner® features vibrant pink blooms that pop against sleek dark purple foliage creating a showy, elegant look. 
Taxus Capitata is a great choice for hedge material. It is a broad, slow growing dark evergreen with dark green needles. Call your sales rep today and lock in your order because these are going FAST!
Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ is a vibrant coneflower species that throws up a mix of flower colors including gold, scarlet, orange, rose-red, cream, purple and yellow. It’s a pollinator favorite! Gaillardia Copper Sun, from the SpinTop Series, features an excellent branching habit with blooms that appear to have been dipped in golden marigold on every stem. It is compact, uniform and early flowering. This series shows excellent heat tolerance.
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