Syringa and Hydrangea make great hedges too!

  Sensation 6_.jpg  SENSATION.jpg  
Sensation, above.
Burgundy Queen, below.  
Syringa v Sensation is an upright, deciduous shrub noted for its unusual bicolor flowers. With purple petals edged in bright white and its floral aroma, it’s quite an attention grabber! Syringa v Burgundy Queen has a vibrant burgundy-purple flower that stands out in the landscape.
Myrica pensylvanica has glossy green foliage, silver-gray berries and makes a great hedge plant. Hamamelis vernalis has yellow to red flowers in spring before the leaves show. Rounded in habit, this shrub works well to create an informal barrier hedge.
HYDRANGEA PAN TARDIVA.jpgHydrangea p bloomables fire and ice 7.jpg
Hydrangea pan ‘Tardiva’ has a showy white flower that slowly turns to purplish-pink in fall. Hydrangea pan ‘Fire and Ice’ has flower clusters that open creamy white in early summer and gradually change to a deep red in fall.
Hydrangea A Annabelle 3.jpgHydrangea Lime Rickey 3.jpg
Hydrangea Arb Annabelle is a great plant that has strong upright stems topped with showy white flowers. Hydrangea arb Lime Rickey has cool, lime-green flowers that appear each summer. It makes a great cut flower, fresh or dried, and attracts pollinators.

Beautiful Material with a big impact!

CLADRASTIS LUTEA.jpgchionanthus.jpg
Cladrastis Lutea is best known for its fragrant white flower panicles in May and June and has vibrant yellow fall color. Chionanthus retusus, also known as Chinese fringe tree, is a beautiful tree with white fragrant flowers. It also adds texture with its exfoliating bark and lustrous dark green leaves.
hydrangea little lime.jpghydrangea little quickfire.jpg
Don’t let the small stature of Hydrangea Pan Little Lime® fool you! It blooms in summer with lime green blooms on strong stems with no drooping. As the blooms age, they turn to a rich pink color that stays through fall. Hydrangea Little Quick Fire® is early blooming, flowering about a month before other hydrangeas. White flowers transform to pink-red as summer progresses.
CERCIS CANADENSIS.jpgCercis Alba.jpg
Cercis canadensis is a familiar plant to most people. The bright early spring flowers signify the coming of warmer weather. Make an impact with this white Cercis canadensis alba! This beautiful ornamental tree has an elegant touch with its white flowers in spring.
Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance _10.jpghibiscus azurri blue satin.jpg
Hibiscus Azurri Blue Satin® makes for a beautiful focal point in the garden or a perfect patio tree in a container. It is a true blue all summer bloomer and is virtually seedless. In addition to its beautiful blooms, it also is heat and drought-tolerant.

Focal plants and Mighty Oaks!

Diospyros virginiana is good for home landscapes, parks, golf courses, and naturalized areas. The Viburnum Tomentosum tree has all the beauty of the shrub but in an ornamental tree. This tree can’t wait to be the next focal point in your landscape installation.

viburnum pink beauty.jpgSpiraea double play artisan 3.jpg

Viburnum Pink Beauty flower color may vary somewhat from season to season and depending on sun exposure has light pink flower petals or white petals that are edged pink.  Spiraea Double play artesian has red new growth in spring and is followed by fuschia summer flowers.

Quercus Muhlenbergii.jpgQuercus-Bicolor.jpg

Commonly known as the Chinkapin Oak, Quercus Muhlenbergii has dark green foliage with a rounded habit and yellow fall color. Quercus bicolor is a moisture and drought-tolerant tree. It provides yellow and orange fall colors. The leaf is a similar shape to the Quercus alba.

Platinus occidentalis has a beautiful white exfoliating bark that gets brighter with age and tolerates wet areas also. This large tree gets wide and works well in naturalizing settings. Quercus rubra is a rounded pyramidal with a fast-growing habit. It provides beautiful red fall color.

Malus and other plants that spice things up a bit!

malus royal raindrops _2_.jpgsargentina.jpg
Malus Royal Raindrops leaf out green and slowly turn to deep red foliage. With magenta-pink flowers, its oval shape, and glossy leaf the applications for this tree are endless. Malus ‘Sargentina’ is a unique top graft crab apple with a compact ostentatious branching habit. This beautiful plant, covered in blooms in spring, is extremely attractive in the landscape.
lollipop.jpgMalus purple prince crop.jpg
Malus Lollipop truly stays small and tight making it a very low-maintenance tree. It works well near entrance walks and patios. Malus Royal Purple has purple bronze foliage and bright flowers. Both of these beauties get to be about 20′ tall.
golden spirit.jpgCERCIDIPHYLUM JAP PENDULA 2.jpg
Cotinus Golden Spirit is a great way to add color to the landscape! We offer B&B for Golden Spirit, it’s a more eye-catching variety we grow. Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendula is a great centerpiece for the landscape. It has bold heart-shaped leaves coupled with beautiful cascading branches. 
Malus Fuji _10.jpgMalus Yellow Delicious _5.jpg
Malus Fuji offers super crisp, sweet, and juicy fruit. Having the perk of being self-fertile it doesn’t need a pollinator however produces a higher yield when cross-pollination occurs. Dwarf yellow delicious apple tree makes for a great potted patio tree providing not only a great tree but also bringing an appetizer to your customer’s next backyard barbecue!