Viburnum and broad-leaf evergreen beauties!!!

Viburnum x Rhytds ‘Alleghany’ is a superior selection with long, leathery, heavy foliage it is great in a landscape or as a hedge. Viburnum nudum ‘Winterthur’ has beautiful fall color and dark blue berry set. Its glossy leaves help its white flowers stand out from late May -to July.

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Eucommia ulmoides is a slow-growing, rounded tree with ascending branches and deep glossy green foliage. This is a great disease and insect-resistant street tree. Cercidiphyllum japonicum is commonly known as Katsura Tree. The leaves emerge reddish-purple in spring, mature to blue-green in summer, and turn slowly to shades of gold, orange and red in fall. When the tree defoliates it has a faint aroma similar to that of cotton candy. 

Platanus exclamation has exfoliating bark and a strong upright pyramidal shape. This tree makes a great street tree. Platanus bloodgood is widely planted in urban areas. It is a large shade tree with a broad open crown and its unique bark exfoliates to reveal patches that may be creamy white, yellow, or olive-colored. 

Betula nigra trees make a good shade tree in open spaces and work well in a group planting also. The exfoliating bark is attractive year-round. Rose Petite knock-out packs a punch it has smaller stature than an average knock-out with a mature average height of only 18″ high by 18″ wide. Not only is it a dwarf in size however the blooms are also petite and elegant.

Physocarpus Summer Wine combines the fine texture and compact branching of Physocarpus ‘Nana’ with the dark foliage of Physocarpus Diabolo. Summer Wine is an easy way to introduce wine-colored foliage into the home garden. It is fast-growing and has few if any, pest problems. Physocarpus Tiny Wine is extra bushy, with small, refined leaves. The dark bronze-maroon foliage is colorful all season and contrasts beautifully with the white flowers in late spring.

You’ll LOVE these plants!

Calycanthus Aphrodite will be the goddess of your garden! With its summer-blooming magnolia-like maroon flowers, this is bound to be the captivating centerpiece at the heart of your next landscape. Hydrangea m Summer Crush® has raspberry blooms and a compact stature. Your customers will be infatuated with this plant.
electric love.jpgmaroon swoon.jpg
It’s Date Night! Weigela Electric Love features a dark leaf with a vibrant pink flower that blooms from summer through early fall. Weigela Maroon Swoon has bright green foliage and maroon flowers.
Hydrangea q. ‘Queen of Hearts ‘ flowers open white and slowly age to deep pink. This oakleaf variety gets beautiful fall color. Ilex v. ‘Red Sprite’ has a heavy and vibrant red berry set. This is a deciduous holly getting 3-5′ high provides wonderful year-round interest.

Why substitute when you can have great plants for any landscape!

Betula Nigra is a great plant for wet areas or low spots in commercial areas. It is a vigorous grower and is one of the most disease-resistant birch. Acer griseum is a wonderful addition to the landscape with its beautiful exfoliating bark and its showy orange-red color in fall, it is sure to stand out.
Cytisus s ‘Burkwoodii’ is an evergreen with colorful, fragrant pink-red flowers in spring. Tolerant to salt, sun, and drought this plant is a great fit for commercial plantings. Chamaecyparis pinpoint blue has a beautiful feathered texture and makes a great hedge plant or stand alone in the landscape. With its upright habit, it requires very little trimming once in place.
Cladrastis Lutea is a beautiful shade tree for a smaller site. It is showy and fragrant when blooming and roots deep allowing for plants to be installed around the base of the tree successfully. Acer x autumn blaze is a cross for the best of both worlds! It grows quickly like a silver maple but has the strength and vibrant showy fall color of a red maple.