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Hydrangea and Lavender are where it’s at!

Hydrangea Arb Annabelle is a great plant that has strong upright stems topped with showy white flowers. Hydrangea M Forever Pink is a beautiful dwarf hydrangea with a deep pink flower and only gets to about 3′ at max height. both of these crops are bud and bloom. 

Hydrangea pan Tardiva has a showy white flower and is a late-season bloomer. This plant makes a beautiful backdrop in the landscape reaching about 8′ at maturity. Hydrangea m Twist & Shout is a reblooming lace cap with lacy pink or violet-blue centers surrounded by circles of large sterile florets that are pink or blue depending on soil conditions. Its green leaves turn maroon-red in fall. 

Lavender Hidcote is a beautiful perennial with deep violet-blue flowers blooming in summer. Lavender Mundstead is a beautiful variety that can be used in mass plantings, hedges, or along patios and walkways. Lavender has long been used as a natural approach to repel bugs.

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