Versatile Elms

Valley Forge, Jefferson and Princeton American Elms can be used on homeowner, municipal and commercial sites.  They are highly resistant to Dutch Elm Disease and adaptable to many soil types while tolerating different soil moisture levels.

Frontier and Emerald Sunshine Elms have rich glossy green leaves.  Frontier is unique because it is the only elm with a rich burgundy fall color.
Both are resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, are heat and drought tolerant. These are tough, adaptable shade trees.

Great Container Plants

Our container plants are looking great!  Azaleas are rich green and heavily budded.  Junipers are full and have the WOW factor.  The rest of our containers are just as nice.  Check the availability to see what you need for your customers.  We still have a very good selection available.

And the Wagons are rolling!

We are digging and pulling cans for shipment next week.  If you don’t have a delivery or will call date to us yet, please do so right away.  We want to take care of you the best we can.  The customers with dates on their order will have priority on the harvest reports because we know their needs and are trying to fulfill their requests.