Spring Order Allocation Deadline is in Two Weeks

The deadline for Spring 2019 orders to go through the allocation process is Friday, November 9th at  4:00 PM.  All orders received after the deadline will be dated, time stamped and entered in the order they are received.  If you don’t have your order in yet, use the availability to fill out your order and email or fax it back.

It won’t be long…

It won’t be long until the snow starts to fly, but there is still time to plant projects and add to the profitability of 2018.  We have a broad spectrum of available plant material including the unique and specimen material we are known for.  It can all be ready on short notice to fill your customer’s needs.

We still Grow Large Specimen Material

This week we dug twelve Pinus koraiensis 20’ shipping into the mid-west.  They are going to make a beautiful backdrop for a garden.  We still have a wide range of large, high impact material available.  Some are on our availability list, but there are some single large specimens that never make the list for one reason or another.  Please call if you are looking for that large piece to finish the landscape project.  We just may have it along the edge of a block and will put your name on it.

Planting Fall Color That Lasts Beyond Leaf Drop

Not all fall color has to drop with the leaves.  Some fruit lasts longer and gives great color into the winter as is the case with the Red Sprite and Sunset Winterberry. Crabapple and Viburnum fruit look colorful well past leaf drop and attract birds, too!