Don’t forget to water regularly.

It is very important to water the root ball twice a week.  It should be enough that the surrounding soil absorbs water also. Fall rain is not enough to keep the plant alive so water regularly until the ground freezes.

It is also a great time to plant perennials. While they may look a little tired by this time of the year, they will root in and come up great next year.

Deer Resistant Plants


With deer being such a problem in the landscape, there’s a need for deer resistant plants.  We have them!  Cephalotaxus h. ‘Prostrata’ is a nice spreading shrub that deer leave alone.  Thuja p. ‘Green Giant’ and Rhododendron are as well.  You will find other deer resistant varieties through our availability.

The availability is primed with consistently high quality material.

All of our sales staff toured the containers and the fields on Wednesday and Thursday.  They were excited at what they saw available now and coming on in the future.  They really liked the consistency in the quality across the board.  We believe you will be very happy also!

Fall is For Planting


Cooler nights and shorter days means the Fall planting season is under way!  It’s time to start planting trees, shrubs and perennials around the hardscapes you installed when the weather was so hot and dry.   You did remember to put an evergreen screen in the project didn’t you?  After all, you want the customer to use the outdoor living space as much as possible with some privacy.