Containers Galore!

The showy Pieris blooms are opening and looking impressive and we have plenty of Buxus x. Green Velvet #2 and Winter Gem #2 and #3.  We have a great selection of containers that are ready to go from #1 perennials and ground cover to #5, #7 and a few #10 shrubs still available.  How about those Royal Heritage Helleborus?!

Early Color for Early Spring Sales


The Forsythia Lynwood Gold are loaded with color.  The deciduous Azalea mucronulatum  Cornell Pink are looking beautiful.  These are not your standard old fashion Azalea.  They grow full and dense, so there is no sacrificing a nice landscape plant for the spring splash of brilliant clear pink.

The dock is starting to get busy too.  The trucking schedule is full for the next couple of weeks already.  Spring is in full go! Go! GO! Mode now!

Spring Arrives Monday!

Really, it does.  And we are ready to go.  Our crews are back and we will be digging on Monday morning.  Do you have everything you need for Spring sales and installations?  Check our availability to fill the holes or add to your order for those newly signed jobs.

Meet Mary Beth Miller

Mary Beth is our new Sales and Customer Service Representative working out of our main office.  She brings 15 years of retail sales and customer service experience to our sales team.  Feel free to call or stop in and introduce yourself.

Digging and pulling


We will be digging and pulling containers for shipping very soon!  We still have great availability of landscape size shrubs in both containers and B&B.  Take a look at the availability or call your sales rep to see how we can work together to provide you with the top quality product you require.