Really Cool Perennials! And more!

Check out the Coreopsis Cruzin Broad Street’s unique flower color, Guara Gaudi Pink’s flower color and leaf contrast, and Digitalis Dalmation Peach’s pastel colored flowers.  There are plenty more to see on the photo stream.

How about the Proven Winners zone 5 hardy Lagerstromia Infinity Orchid and Magenta!  Your customers will get excited about this plant they only see when they are on vacation in the south.  Photos of both plants are in the photo stream also.

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Fragrant viburnums…

We are digging Fragrant Viburnum, Taxus and Thuja that are in the availability and they look GREAT!

Also check the photos of our Endless Summer and Proven Winner Hydrangea.  There are plenty of other branded plants available with photos. Check them out!

hydrangea collage

You know you have to look!

You know you want to check the availability list and Flickr photo stream to see what is new.  There is no time like now to do it.  There are lots of new perennials and shrubs added, both container and b&b.  Our crews have pruned, spaced and worked each one into a plant that looks great!  Look at the photos and you can judge for yourself.

anna azalea carlesii concorde doro goldmound green gem limelight mariesii weigela

Perennial Color

We have expanded our container area and increased the number of cans we are growing.  The perennials are now becoming ready and many are either blooming or are almost there.  To view more photos of what is ready, click on the Flickr icon below.  The weather is warming up and sales will too with some of this great looking material.Coreopsis Dianthus Gaura Hakonechloa Iris Salvia