Still looking for impact plants?

We have them!  From Cercis Can. ‘Alba’ 6” to Hydrangea Tardiva, White  Lace and Unique trees.  Franklinia alatamaha 11’ to Tsuga can. ‘Sargenti’ 8’.  Fagus cultivars 2” -5”, Picea a. ‘Pendula’ 5’ to 17’, Magnolia trees 1.75” to 5”,and Stewartia pseudocamillia 5’ to 13’.  And plenty of flowering shrubs budded heavy like Rhododendron, Lilacs, and azaleas.

Cercis Alba franklinia A 11' Hydrangea TF Tsuga Sargentii 8'

It must be Spring!

We have started to load trucks and the yard is buzzing!  Are you part of the buzz?  Check the availability and see if there is anything you need before it’s gone.  We can add to an existing order or start a new one.  That way you don’t feel the sting of missing out!

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The blankets are off and digging is under way!

The doors are off the polyhouses, the blankets are removed from the containers and sold plants are tagged!  Plants are coming out of the ground!  It must be spring!  There is still time to add to your order and fill that truck.  Your sales rep is ready to help, so call and harass them.  They love the attention!

Poly 2 Poly 4

Worth checking out!

It’s the first Friday in March and we have snow on the ground.  BUT, the next ten days look great and we will start digging next week!  There is plenty of very nice material still available, so check the availability to see if we can fill any holes in your needs.  We have specialty material like Kalmia and Stewartia, and bread and butter material like Magnolia, Hydrangea and Rhododendron.  It’s worth checking!