Great looking plants for your late season projects

We are getting ready for Winter, but we still have plenty of container plants looking great and some are in bloom.  The doors aren’t on yet and every house is easy to get in.  With the upcoming warm week, there is still time to get that last couple of projects done.  You have the time and we have the plants.

pot1 pot2 pot3

We transplant our evergreens for your success!

We grow our evergreen trees in liner rows before we dig a ball on them for transplanting.  This trims all of the roots and forms a heavily fibered root system on the tree.  The high quality root mass ensures our customers of fantastic success with our spruce, pine and fir.

planting 2 planting 1 planting 3 planting 4

Unique and Specimen

Unique and Specimen trees are one of the things that set us apart from other nurseries.  We can mix these in with your B&B and container shrubs, smaller B&B trees and one gallon material.  Our loading crews are masters at blending mixed size loads together.  Stop in for a tour and see what we grow that you may not find anywhere else.

Yellow Fever Mag Liquidambar
cercidiphylum 16' Acer 5

Great Evergreen selection

We have a great selection of evergreens that will fit most every design need whether it is weeping, columnar, low and round, for a screen or a specimen piece.  Check the availability and you will find them ranging in size from 3′ Picea pungens Globosa to 19′ Pinus strobus Columnaris.

Sargentii Koreansis Pendula Bakerii