Additional Inventory, Digging and Shipping Great Plants!


Even though it is the end of the first week of April, we are looking at being able to safely dig anything on our availability for at least another two weeks.  After doing some field checks, we have also added a few fruit trees, ornamentals and shade trees to the availability.  Check out the availability to see if any of it fits your needs.


We are loading quite a few trucks each day and our shipping schedule is very busy.  Call and let us know when you are picking up your material and we will work you in.

Desirable B&B Material Still Available


The Cornus k. chinensis 5’ and Hamamelis virginiana 4’ pictured above are among many B&B varieties still available.  You need to look through the list for the “hidden gems”.  Are you still looking for Buxus, Picea, Pinus or Quercus?

Large Grade, Beautiful and Ready to Burst

Whether you are looking for salt tolerant plants like Myrica, a tough groundcover like Arctostaphylos, or hardy bloomers like Hydrangea Alice and Weigela Merlot Rose, we have you covered.  Check the availability and see what other gems are in the list and ready to ship.

Trimmed and Ready

Our container plants look fantastic!  They are trimmed to be very salable now before they flush becoming that much bigger, fuller and balanced after they flush.

Sell a container plant you will be proud to sell.

Sell a container plant your customers will ask for again.

Sell Losely Nursery container plants.

Spring Wake Up Call


Plants are beginning to do their “Spring Thing” and progress towards waking up.  When this week’s snow melts we will begin digging, hauling and staging orders by customer.  If you have not let us known when you would like your material, we will work off when you have historically wanted your material.

As always, there is also an availability attached.  We still have plenty of very nice material available to fill your needs.  Your sales person can help you find what will work for you.

Have you checked your needs list lately?

Spring is so close you can smell it!  We keep having alternating warm and snowy days with no frost in the ground.  The next thing to happen is the customers wake up and start looking for the planting projects to be completed.  Don’t wait to order as some material is tight.  Check through our availability as we are sure to have something to fill your needs.

Spring is around the corner

I know it may not seem like it yet, but spring will be here in a few short weeks.  Have you reviewed all of your acknowledgements and found what is missing from your orders?  How about those order additions for recently signed contracts?  We still have a great selection of material available to fill the holes in your needs.

Ship Dates

Ship Dates Please!
It seems like spring is far off, but it will be here before you know it. We honor the requested ship dates we receive by trying to hit them as close as possible. Unfortunately, every year we receive too many last minute requests. Our staff does a great job, but they can only dig, pull and load so many truckloads of material each week. Please help us to have your material ready when you want it by giving us a requested ship date as soon as possible.


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