Fantastic container Fragrant Viburnums and more!


Our #5 container Fragrant Viburnums are looking great as well as many other recently added containers.  We now have Green Giants and Boxwood available.  There will be some upright Junipers added this week also.  Your sales rep can help you with all of your needs.

Hydrangea Season is Coming!

Our Hydrangea are budded up and looking great.  We have forty line items of Hydrangea available right now!  Ruby Slippers and Gatsby Pink are starting to bloom and will have good color in a matter of days.  The Annabelle will be blooming in a week to ten days.

Great people and material

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales team spent Wednesday and Thursday touring the nursery.  They looked at and took pictures of some great material.  A few photos they took are below.  They can help you land some of this beautiful material, just give them a call.

Some of the staff “working hard”

Spectacular Hosta!

You can’t compare these beauties to a one gallon.  These will draw any customer to them at first site because of how clean, large and showy they are.  They have impulse sales written all over them!

Above ground inventory

Weren’t sure what you needed until it was too late? You may be in luck!
Check out our above ground inventory, ready for pick up right away. Some items that we have are park grade and not listed on inventory.
Stop in to see your sales rep and plants that may fit your immediate needs.
Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. 
           In observance of the holiday, we will be closed Monday, May 28th.  We will reopen on Tuesday at 7:30 am

We have the Japanese Maples

We have been waiting for these beautiful maples to flush so we could make them available. They will only get nicer in the next few weeks as the flush extends and the leaves mature. The man in the picture is 6’ tall and 28” wide at the elbows. They will make a nice addition to any order with reorders soon to follow.

We are still digging Evergreens!

…. but not for long! Orders for pines will be cut off approximately mid-week and spruce and hemlock the end of the week. We grow beautiful evergreens. There is no need to look elsewhere!

Caught up digging!

Our great employees have gotten the digging completed while working through the tough weather conditions.  As a result, our turnaround time is a few days now for B&B and containers!  Because of the cold weather we can still dig anything we grow.  So don’t hesitate to ask because we can get it done!

We finally have a few flowers in the nursery.  The Pieris look great and the Cornell Pink Azalea is spectacular.  Add a few of each to your order today.

Spring Has Finally Arrived.

Okay, the weather forecasters are calling for a little more snow this coming week.  But they are calling for warmer weather, too.  Are you stocked up and ready for the spring rush?  There are plenty of containers ready to ship like these beautiful Forsythia.  You can’t sell it if you don’t have it.  That’s why you are in business. To sell, Sell, SELL!  Check our availability and see what you are missing.

Additional Inventory, Digging and Shipping Great Plants!


Even though it is the end of the first week of April, we are looking at being able to safely dig anything on our availability for at least another two weeks.  After doing some field checks, we have also added a few fruit trees, ornamentals and shade trees to the availability.  Check out the availability to see if any of it fits your needs.


We are loading quite a few trucks each day and our shipping schedule is very busy.  Call and let us know when you are picking up your material and we will work you in.