Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Losely Nursery. We appreciate and thank you for your business and don’t take it for granted. We hope you have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy this holiday with your families.
So we can enjoy the holiday with ours, we will close at noon on Wednesday, November 21st and remain closed until Monday, November 26th.

Final Count Down


The days are counting down before our seasonal labor is gone for the year.  The Monday after Thanksgiving our full-time staff will be getting ready to button up the nursery for winter.  We will still be digging and pulling containers, but don’t let Mother Nature step in and cut you out of material you need to finish that final project or two.  Get your order in soon and we will have it ready quickly.


Getting ready for the end of the season

The season will be coming to an end in another month.  But there is still time to dig and pull containers for you to finish your year strong.  Check our availability and you will find we can supply your needs to end the year putting some money in your pocket.

Spring Order Allocation Deadline is in Two Weeks

The deadline for Spring 2019 orders to go through the allocation process is Friday, November 9th at  4:00 PM.  All orders received after the deadline will be dated, time stamped and entered in the order they are received.  If you don’t have your order in yet, use the availability to fill out your order and email or fax it back.

It won’t be long…

It won’t be long until the snow starts to fly, but there is still time to plant projects and add to the profitability of 2018.  We have a broad spectrum of available plant material including the unique and specimen material we are known for.  It can all be ready on short notice to fill your customer’s needs.

We still Grow Large Specimen Material

This week we dug twelve Pinus koraiensis 20’ shipping into the mid-west.  They are going to make a beautiful backdrop for a garden.  We still have a wide range of large, high impact material available.  Some are on our availability list, but there are some single large specimens that never make the list for one reason or another.  Please call if you are looking for that large piece to finish the landscape project.  We just may have it along the edge of a block and will put your name on it.

Planting Fall Color That Lasts Beyond Leaf Drop

Not all fall color has to drop with the leaves.  Some fruit lasts longer and gives great color into the winter as is the case with the Red Sprite and Sunset Winterberry. Crabapple and Viburnum fruit look colorful well past leaf drop and attract birds, too!

We Grow Cool Plants!

Our Tag Line is that we grow “Unique and Specimen Plant Material”.  This is what the nursery was built around from the beginning.  We still grow some spectacular varieties of plants.  The pictures show just a few of the hard to find material we grow.  Some of our unique plants are Carolina Hemlock, Paw Paw or Japanese Umbrella Pine.  Other more common material in hard to find larger sizes are American Holly, Wentworth Viburnum and Blue Alaskan Cedar.  This material sells quick so contact your sales person soon, so you don’t miss out!

Get your Fall orders in!

The cool weather is upon us and digging is in full swing.  We are safely digging deciduous material like the plants in the photos as well as most everything else on our inventory.  We dip the root balls in a tank shortly after digging to break the water resistance of the burlap as well as getting some water into the balls before irrigating on the dock.  We can have them ready for you three days after they go onto a harvest report.  Give your Rep a call.


Fall is for Planting!

A long time ago when I first was in the industry, “Fall is for Planting” was a national campaign each year. It was true then and is still now. We are planting each day knowing that plants will start to root in now and grow better next year. The same is true for the plants we are selling. Proper planting and watering in fall increase the survivability and ease of care next year. Check our availability for the many items which are on your needs list or call one of our Sales Reps.