Is your Deciduous order in?

It’s time to get your deciduous ornamental orders in.  Given the weather forecast, this is the last week to dig them.  Shade trees will have an additional week, but there aren’t many left.  Let us know what you still need as soon as possible!

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There is still three weeks left to dig most deciduous material!


The weather has been great for digging.  The ground is not too wet, so the root balls are coming out of the ground in a very nice package.  After a warm start, the weather has been cooperating and we still have plenty of time to dig.  Buds are still tight and most plants have not bloomed yet. There is still time to place or add to your order.

More Containers are available!

After the last two winters, we were reluctant to put some containers into availability until we knew they would be looking great.  Now that winter is behind us, we are confident that you will be happy with what we have just entered into the availability.

The Grasses look great!  Rhododendron are Beautiful!  Helleborus are blooming!  There is still time to add to your order!

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Still looking for impact plants?

We have them!  From Cercis Can. ‘Alba’ 6” to Hydrangea Tardiva, White  Lace and Unique trees.  Franklinia alatamaha 11’ to Tsuga can. ‘Sargenti’ 8’.  Fagus cultivars 2” -5”, Picea a. ‘Pendula’ 5’ to 17’, Magnolia trees 1.75” to 5”,and Stewartia pseudocamillia 5’ to 13’.  And plenty of flowering shrubs budded heavy like Rhododendron, Lilacs, and azaleas.

Cercis Alba franklinia A 11' Hydrangea TF Tsuga Sargentii 8'

It must be Spring!

We have started to load trucks and the yard is buzzing!  Are you part of the buzz?  Check the availability and see if there is anything you need before it’s gone.  We can add to an existing order or start a new one.  That way you don’t feel the sting of missing out!

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The blankets are off and digging is under way!

The doors are off the polyhouses, the blankets are removed from the containers and sold plants are tagged!  Plants are coming out of the ground!  It must be spring!  There is still time to add to your order and fill that truck.  Your sales rep is ready to help, so call and harass them.  They love the attention!

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Worth checking out!

It’s the first Friday in March and we have snow on the ground.  BUT, the next ten days look great and we will start digging next week!  There is plenty of very nice material still available, so check the availability to see if we can fill any holes in your needs.  We have specialty material like Kalmia and Stewartia, and bread and butter material like Magnolia, Hydrangea and Rhododendron.  It’s worth checking!

Truck Availability

The availability of trucks seems to be a moving target.  We have a number of our reliable carriers back on board.  However, if you know of a trucking company that you would like us to use to deliver your product, please let us know as soon as possible.  This way we can contact them about delivering your material giving them plenty of time to schedule the delivery so your material arrives when you want it.

If you prefer to schedule your own loads and keep the trucking company to yourself, that’s ok too.  Just call and coordinate a Will Call date and your material will be ready when your truck arrives.

Spring is around the corner. Really, it is!

I know it may not seem like it yet, but spring will be here in a few short weeks.  Have you reviewed all of your acknowledgements and found what is missing from your orders?  How about those order additions for recently signed contracts?  We still have a great selection of material available to fill the holes in your needs.

Here before you know it

2016 CENTS Best in Show Award due to this crew!

Our work crews will be back soon.  We will be digging and loading trucks as soon as the weather allows. Spring will be here before we know it.   If you don’t have your order placed or are waiting to add to it, the clock is running and the available inventory is shrinking. Don’t wait! Give us a call. 

We also need to hear from you if you have an order placed and have not let us know what week you would like delivery. We try hard to meet your expectations. Some weeks are filling quickly so we need to hear from you soon