We have large Specimen material!

Losely Nursery is known for having large specimen plant material.  Most of it is in the availability, but sometimes the piece you are looking for is not listed.  Call your sales rep and they can help you the right piece to fill your customer’s need.

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Color still sells in October!

The calendar may say it’s October, but customers still buy and want color in the landscape.  We still have the ability to deliver color to your door.  Talk to your salesman and he will help you add some color onto your next order.

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Fall digging of Trees and Shrubs and Evergreens, Oh My!

Most of the inventory is in the availability at this point and when you review the Complete list you will see we have trees, shrubs and evergreens to dig from now up to the winter freeze.  Don’t dawdle!  As you will see, some items are in short supply and going fast.

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Great Grasses!

Fall is an excellent time to plant ornamental grasses to add to a landscape.  They are full with their plumes waving in the wind and looking great.  We have plenty to add to your next order.

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The Best Hydrangea you have ever seen!

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We have plenty of Hydrangea #5 that look fantastic.  I have never seen Hydrangea m. ‘Endless Summer’, Forever Pink, the ‘Let’s Dance’ series, All Summer Beauty, Nikko, Mousmee, and ‘Twist-N-Shout’ look as good and big as they do this year.  They will have unbelievable impact on the job or in the yard.  The paniculata ‘Limelight’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Phantom’, ‘Pink Diamond’, ‘Pinky Winky’, ‘Tardiva’ and ‘White Lace’ look great too.  Add some to your order as a quick moving truck filler.

Fall is For Planting


Cooler nights and shorter days means the Fall planting season is under way!  It’s time to start planting trees, shrubs and perennials around the hardscapes you installed when the weather was so hot and dry.   You did remember to put an evergreen screen in the project didn’t you?  After all, you want the customer to use the outdoor living space as much as possible with some privacy.  They will let everyone who is invited to enjoy the space with them know who installed the fantastic addition to their outdoor entertainment area.

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Tried and True and Proven Winner Too!

Hydrangea seems to be the shrub of choice for summer and early fall color.  But don’t forget about Hibiscus.  We have the old standby blue of Blue Bird and double red Lucy.  Then we have the Proven Winners selections of Lavender, Pink and White Chiffon and the single white with a red center of Lil Kim.  They all are looking great and ready to be added to your order for additional color on your project or sales yard.

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The heat has broken and we have had some rain.  As growers, we watch radar not just in our area, but all across our sales territory.  We know most of you have had some good soaking rain also.  Because of the better weather conditions, projects are ready to start and you will need plants to be ready for your customers.  WE HAVE THE PLANTS YOU NEED!  Check the availability link below.  We will deliver them to your yard or project site.

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Landscape Sized Container Plants

You know we grow great #3 and #5 container shrubs.  But did you realize we grow beautiful #7 and #10 container shrubs also?!  Check out the photos and you decide.  Better yet, purchase some and see how great they look and how well they perform!

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49th NGLCO Field Day

Join us at the NGLCO Annual Summer Field Day on August 9th from 9am- 4pm at Chalet Debonne Vineyards in Madison.  Look for our booth.  Stop by and say “hi!”  We’ll have samples of our unique plants and products on display.