Need Rhodies? We have them.

Rhododendron are one evergreens that are ready to dig and transplant well at this time of the year.  Check our availability as we have good quantities and varieties for your yard or project.  Your sales person can give you the details to be successful.

Color sells!

We have plenty in bloom to choose from whether it is a shrub or perennial.  Add color to your next order and increase your sales!

New items added to the availability.


Our container Hydrangea quercifolia cultivars are starting to reach the desired size and become available.  How about deer resistant Cephalotaxus har. Prostrata that are full and beautiful?  We have just added more Juniperus vir. Grey Owl.  There are plenty more “gems” on the availability.  You will have to look through and see what else is ready to ship.


Happy Independence Day!

This is where we usually talk about plants.  While we do now have a 30+ rate on the availability for you to review of some great looking long items, our focus this weekend should be …

Thanking all of our veterans and active duty military for their service to our great country!

Plants that make an impact!

These Myrica pensyvanica #5 and #15 are just an example of the landscape size container material we grow.  Cercis Lavender Twist and Ruby Falls #25, Cornus Midwinter Fire #10, Hemerocallis #3, Hydrangea Tree Form #15 and Prunus cistena #7 are all ready to ship.  More will be ready soon.

Color is coming!

Our Hydrangea are trimmed to be the best you can buy. They are beautiful, full plants and ready to burst with color.  Shades of pink, blue and white and priced just right too!


Our spring potted container material is starting to look great and we have released some into the availability.  The Hydrangea are budding and some are starting to show color.  The Annabelle’s will start blooming next week, and how about those Tardiva #7!  There is plenty more “must haves” on the list.  Look through and order yours before some of the limited quantity items are gone.

#1 Perennials are now available

We have grown some #1 perennials to compliment the #2’s and #3’s we have grown for years to see how they will work for our customers.  They are ready and looking great now.  There is a separate sheet on the availability each week for you to be able to take a quick look at what is available.

Tree Hydrangea so nice they sell themselves!


Hydrangea pan. Phantom #15 and pan. Quick Fire #15 tree form are both ready to sell.  The Phantom are 30″ wide and the Quick Fire are 24″ wide with flowers set.  They are 15 months in a pot, flushed three times and trimmed twice.  They are as full as a B&B tree.

Our #1 perennials are ready.  Take a look through the availability list and see what else is ready to go!

Above Ground B&B

We still have some great B&B material available on the dock for immediate shipment.  Deciduous shade and ornamental trees.  Evergreen trees and shrubs.  Rhodies ready to bloom!