Deer Resistant Plants


With deer being such a problem in the landscape, there’s a need for deer resistant plants.  We have them!  Cephalotaxus h. ‘Prostrata’ is a nice spreading shrub that deer leave alone.  Thuja p. ‘Green Giant’ and Rhododendron are as well.  You will find other deer resistant varieties through our availability.

The availability is primed with consistently high quality material.

All of our sales staff toured the containers and the fields on Wednesday and Thursday.  They were excited at what they saw available now and coming on in the future.  They really liked the consistency in the quality across the board.  We believe you will be very happy also!

Fall is For Planting


Cooler nights and shorter days means the Fall planting season is under way!  It’s time to start planting trees, shrubs and perennials around the hardscapes you installed when the weather was so hot and dry.   You did remember to put an evergreen screen in the project didn’t you?  After all, you want the customer to use the outdoor living space as much as possible with some privacy.


Mags & Lilacs

Now is a great time to dig Magnolia and Syringa.  They will re-establish roots now as long as they are provided adequate water.  The plants will reward you next spring with larger flowers and leaves, and better growth.  Syringa successfully overwinter if properly healed in so they bloom on your lot if spring comes early.

Hard to find Evergreens

We grow many varieties of evergreens that are not easy to find including six cultivars of Ilex opaca and the male pollinator, Ilex pedunculosa, Picea englemanni, Pinus d. Oculus Draconis, h. leucodermis and peuce, and Thuja plic Nana.  They are not difficult to site in the landscape for success.  Our sales team can help you with any or all of them.


We want to keep you happy!

August is a time of the year when we can dig evergreens and some deciduous material.  We are digging what is safe now, but we need three days of turn around before you pick up material. We want to water, care for and watch your material in the shade structure for a couple days to be sure your material does not crash.  Like you, we want your customer to be happy with the material we grow at Losely Nursery.

50th Annual NGLCO Summer Field Day

We hope to see you at the 50th Annual NGLCO Summer Field Day on Tuesday August 8th at Chalet Debonne Vineyards.  Visit us for the plants and knowledgeable people who work for us.  We can be a resource for you.  And when you are done at Field Day, stay for the wine and beer made at the winery.


We are digging Viburnum c. ‘Compacta’, Carlesii, Juddi and Cayuga now.  With a little care after they are dug, and monitoring the water, it is a great time to dig and plant them.  They will root in well with the warm soil temperatures and won’t skip a beat.

We put them in a wire basket to hold the roots tight to insure a successful transplant.

Need Rhodies? We have them.

Rhododendron are one evergreens that are ready to dig and transplant well at this time of the year.  Check our availability as we have good quantities and varieties for your yard or project.  Your sales person can give you the details to be successful.