Tree Hydrangea so nice they sell themselves!


Hydrangea pan. Phantom #15 and pan. Quick Fire #15 tree form are both ready to sell.  The Phantom are 30″ wide and the Quick Fire are 24″ wide with flowers set.  They are 15 months in a pot, flushed three times and trimmed twice.  They are as full as a B&B tree.

Our #1 perennials are ready.  Take a look through the availability list and see what else is ready to go!

Above Ground B&B

We still have some great B&B material available on the dock for immediate shipment.  Deciduous shade and ornamental trees.  Evergreen trees and shrubs.  Rhodies ready to bloom!

Boxwood and more boxwood

We have a great selection of container Buxus ready in #2 cans for $14.25 and #3 cans for $19.75.  kor. Wedding Ring, koreana, Winter Beauty, Green Gem, Chicagoland Green, Green Mountain and Green Velvet.  They can be added quickly to any existing order.

Azaleas in color and so much more!

Our Azaleas #3 are showing great color and the Japanese Maples #5 are ready to sell by impulse, too.  The Pieris and Ilex are two more examples of the cans we have ready to go.  Your sales person can help you pick what is just right for you.  A container order placed today before noon can be ready as quickly as tomorrow, B&B in as few as two days.



Beautiful Perennials!

Our perennials are exploding out of the pots and looking absolutely beautiful.  Grasses will be added to availability in the next few days.  Rich will tell you, they look AWESOME!

We are still digging Evergreens


It’s hard to believe, but we are not able to dig any more deciduous material.  Due to the warmer weather, we are 5 to 6 days ahead of average.  Quercus and Gleditsia are starting to break bud.

BUT … we can still dig all of the evergreens.  Check out our availability and let us know.  We will be happy to dig some for you, too.

Landscape size plants in containers

Our Hydrangea look great now, but they will look spectacular when they flush.  The macrophylla types will bloom like crazy this year as last year’s wood is good to the top of the stem.  The Taxus bac. Repandens 24” and the Rhododendron Maximum Pink 24” spent the winter in a poly house so they look great too.  How about those Aronia and Spiraea Snowmound!

Azaleas and Rhododendrons


We still have a good selection of Azalea and Rhododendron in #3 cans available for spring sales and color.  Your salesman can add them to your order today.

Containers Galore!

The showy Pieris blooms are opening and looking impressive and we have plenty of Buxus x. Green Velvet #2 and Winter Gem #2 and #3.  We have a great selection of containers that are ready to go from #1 perennials and ground cover to #5, #7 and a few #10 shrubs still available.  How about those Royal Heritage Helleborus?!

Early Color for Early Spring Sales


The Forsythia Lynwood Gold are loaded with color.  The deciduous Azalea mucronulatum  Cornell Pink are looking beautiful.  These are not your standard old fashion Azalea.  They grow full and dense, so there is no sacrificing a nice landscape plant for the spring splash of brilliant clear pink.

The dock is starting to get busy too.  The trucking schedule is full for the next couple of weeks already.  Spring is in full go! Go! GO! Mode now!