Allocation process begins

All orders received by Wednesday at noon will be part of the allocation process for Spring 2017 orders.  We will run oversold reports on Monday morning, 11/28.  Once we start running the oversold report, all orders we receive after we start will be dated and time stamped to be entered in the order they are received after allocation is complete.  Don’t be left out.  You still have time to get your order in and be part of the allocation.


Spring is coming. Is your order in yet?

Many of you have your spring 2017 order placed.  Thank you.  To those of you who don’t, please get it in by Monday, November 21st.  That is the day we start the allocation process for spring orders.  There are plenty of very nice plants still available.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fill some of your needs.


It’s time to send in your Spring Order.

The beautiful fall weather is still holding on.  As a result, many of you are still working and have not turned in your spring 2017 order.  We will be allocating over-sold material at the end of the month and acknowledging spring orders in early December.  Please have your order in by November 18th to be sure you are part of the allocation process.


It’s not Winter yet!

The photo of these Hydrangea pan. ‘Fire Light’ #3 was taken this morning.  There still is color that can be planted to make your customers happy.  Don’t give up planting yet.  You have weeks before the season ends.  We have the plants to help you finish fall strong.


Safe to dig!

All the deciduous trees and shrubs can be dug now.  Order your plants not to take advantage of the warm weather and soil temperatures for Fall planting success.

Fall is still for Planting

You remember the old marketing program?  “Fall is for Planting.”  It’s still true today.  Our containers are still looking great and the B&B are ready to dig.  We will have them ready so you can make money on plants.

We have large Specimen material!

Losely Nursery is known for having large specimen plant material.  Most of it is in the availability, but sometimes the piece you are looking for is not listed.  Call your sales rep and they can help you the right piece to fill your customer’s need.

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Color still sells in October!

The calendar may say it’s October, but customers still buy and want color in the landscape.  We still have the ability to deliver color to your door.  Talk to your salesman and he will help you add some color onto your next order.

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Fall digging of Trees and Shrubs and Evergreens, Oh My!

Most of the inventory is in the availability at this point and when you review the Complete list you will see we have trees, shrubs and evergreens to dig from now up to the winter freeze.  Don’t dawdle!  As you will see, some items are in short supply and going fast.

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Great Grasses!

Fall is an excellent time to plant ornamental grasses to add to a landscape.  They are full with their plumes waving in the wind and looking great.  We have plenty to add to your next order.

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