Pining for a new look? Spruce up your landscapes with these beauties!

 Picea englemannii ‘Bush’s Lace’ is a vigorous growing form of Englemann spruce. With its blue cast, it is sure to make a presence in any landscape. Our Picea abies ‘pendula’ have unique personalities. No two are the same, however, they are all eye-catching and stand-alone beauties.

Picea p. glauca ‘Pendula’ is a blue needled weeping form of Colorado spruce with irregular, twisted, and pendulous limbs. They only grow as tall as they are staked.  Pinus strobus ‘pendula’ has a weeping form with long drooping branches. These make fantastic accent plants. 

Versatility in a container

Viburnum are great versatile plants for hedges, stand alone specimens and background plants to name a few uses. Viburnum n. Brandywine™ has a very nice glossy green leaf that turns dark maroon in fall. The berries transition from green to shades of pink and blue. For a while, all three colors are in the cluster of fruit. Viburnum t. ‘Wentworth’ was chosen for its large red berry cluster and great red fall color.

Hydrangea m. Summer Crush® is a fantastic compact plant reaching 3′ wide and tall. The abundant bright pink flowers really put on a show. Rhamnus Fine Line® make it an excellent choice for narrow hedges and screens. The fine textured leaves of this zone 2 plant give it a delicate look rarely found in material this hardy.

You hosta check this out

The only thing shady about these beautiful plants is where you should be planting them. Hosta Royal Standard, a fan favorite it has beautiful white fragrant flowers. If you are looking for more color interest with a variegated leaf and Purple flower, Hosta Leola Fraim has you covered. 

Hosta Guacamole! You won’t need tortilla chips to enjoy this plant, but it couldn’t hurt, right? This sun tolerant hosta is sure to make your landscape pop. It has shiny apple-green leaves with a wide green edge. Matteuccia struthiopteris, Ostrich Fern, makes a great companion for wildflowers and spring bulbs. It performs well in acidic moist soil.