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Herman Losely & Son, Inc. has been growing nursery stock for more than 60 years. We are currently growing on 1000 acres for field production; more than 450,000 plants are in container production and 14 acres in liner production. We are best known for growing Unique and Specimen material harvested from 1 gallon containers to 8” deciduous and 18’ evergreen trees in a 90” spade ball. We would love the opportunity to give you a tour so you can see for yourself how our material fits your needs.

Our Unique and Specimen material includes: Asimina, Castanea, Chionanthus, Diospyros, Fagus cvs, Franklinia, Ginkgo cvs, Ilex opaca, Kalmia, Magnolia cvs, Picea cvs, Pinus cvs, Stewartia, Syringa vulgaris cvs, and Tsuga cvs.

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Cornus kousa Champions Gold® (PP 23,423)


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Beautiful and Graceful grasses

This is the time of the year when ornamental grasses look great with their plumes either present now or coming shortly.  Fluffy Pennisetum, erect Calamagrostis, and wispy Miscanthus add to fall interest of any garden.  We have other varieties also that range from the short ‘Little Bunny’ to the tall Erianthus ravennae.  We even have Read More...

Unique Ground Covers

In keeping with our plan to grow “Unique and Specialty” plant material, we also grow some unique ground cover.  We are now growing Cornus canadensis which is a 3” tall dogwood also known as Bunchberry or Creeping Dogwood.   Gaultheria procumbens, known as Checkerberry or Wintergreen, a scented evergreen and Arctostaphylos u u Mass, also Read More...

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